At the heart of the multiverse lies Aethelward, a world steeped in the echoes of gods long silenced. It was here, amidst the ruins of forgotten histories and the whispers of deities that once were, that the final stand of Undead Gods was made. With a defiant cry that pierced the ages, "You will not bring your poison to other worlds… I won’t let you! I bind you all… all Harvesters of life and soul! This Aethelward will be your tomb!" …a world became a prison, a tomb for incontestable beings known as Harvesters.

Aethelward now stands as a paradoxical nexus, a pivotal reality imprisoned within the limitless expanse of the multiverse. It is a world where the grandeur of its past is overshadowed by the intricate web of power, alliances, and chaos spun by the Harvesters. These god-like entities, once roamers of the multiverse, now find themselves bound to Aethelward, their infinite desires and pursuits confined within its borders.

Despite their imprisonment, the Harvesters' indomitable wills found a loophole through the very fabric of reality itself. Aethelward, by its nature or design, is interwoven with countless other realities through nexuses that pierce the veil between worlds. It is through these nexuses that life, in its endless cycle of death and rebirth, flows into Aethelward. Many who traverse the boundaries between realities seeking new beginnings or escapes from old endings find themselves ensnared, becoming part of the Harvesters' eternal game of power and survival.

In this world, existence is a complex tapestry of beings trapped in the perpetual struggle between creation and dominion. The Harvesters, in their quest to sustain their might and legacy, manipulate the flows of life, drawing beings from across the multiverse into their sphere. Aethelward, with its deep connections to the fabric of existence, serves as the arena for this cosmic drama, where the fates of many are intertwined with the ambitions of the few.

Aethelward's tale is one of ancient magic, cosmic battles, and the eternal question of freedom versus fate. It is a realm where every soul, whether by choice or chance, plays a part in the unfolding saga of the multiverse's heart, where the legacy of gods and the destiny of worlds are inextricably linked.