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Monday March 25th 2024

Mechanics Update

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Traits, Trait Systems, Feedback

Hey everyone!

I'm finally ready to share a piece with you all.

My goal is to write something way more polished than our previous roleplay forums  (though those were epic!).  Maybe even turn it into a tactical role playing game someday, the kind of game where the mechanics feel as intricate as the world itself. Part of my crazy motivation is that I want my son to play and read this stuff when he's older! I realize I've got a ton of work ahead of me with the little guy already a year old.

Honestly, this whole thing wouldn't feel right without sharing it with you guys. This community, even though we're small, has had such a huge influence on how I tell stories. You guys always shoot it to me straight – which is exactly what I need right now!

I'm working on two big documents:

The Big Compendium: All the juicy lore, civilizations, magic, the works. Still super secret, sorry!

The Systems Doc: This is where the real nerdery happens. I'm starting with a trait system, and I'm ready for some feedback.

Trait System: 

The Monster Spreadsheet of Traits:

What I'm looking for:

Missing Traits: Can you think of anything I haven't included?

Blind Spots: Is there something obvious I'm missing?

General Vibes: Does this feel like something you could see us playing together?

Any and all thoughts are welcome. Let's get this worldbuilding party started!

To provide feedback on work so far, you have one of three options. 

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